about us


How would it feel like to walk the winding streets of Marrakesh and explore its culinary treasures in the company of some of the best local chefs and tour guides in town. We are knowledgeable, fun and share a passion for everything foodie.


We have decided to take food tours to a higher level by picking only the best local dishes and snacks. During 3 hours packed with fun and delicious food, you will learn all the stories behind each dish you savor. Each place you go to is a culinary milestone in Marrakesh and by visiting some of the public ovens, Hammams and markets, you will better understand the local culture and lifestyle.


Eat the best local foods in the city at 5 hidden restaurants while enjoying unlimited food and drinks! Let your guide suggest some of the most famous Moroccan dishes that are yet to be dsicovered by tourists or choose your own combination of foods to try.The tour ends with a mint tea ceremony at a 200 year old Riad.